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SUPPLIERS - Toolings, Machinery, 
Measuring, Raw Material etc.

14.000+   potential Partners for just 239 € instead of 478 €

Dive into the fastener industry like never before with our comprehensive contact bundle. Access thousands of key players across Europe and Eastern Europe.


Ideal for manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers looking to expand their network, gain market insights, and drive business growth.


This powerful compilation brings together 4.500+ distributors and over 8.100 manufacturers, coupled with a select network of more than 2.000 machinery and tooling suppliers. It's designed to supercharge your networking, sourcing, and strategic engagement focusing on EUROPE and ASIA.


Advantageous Toolkit for Expansion:


  • Distributors: Connect instantly with a vast network of fastener distributors
  • Manufacturers: Opportunities for collaboration you never thought about before.
  • Suppliers: Contacts of machinery and tooling specialists to benchmark your todays suppliers


By opting for our 'EXCEL-FILE', you position your business for further growth. YOu will be equipped with the contacts needed to thrive in the competitive fasterner market.

14.000+Fastener Distributors, Manufacturers and Suppliers

478,00 € Regular Price
239,00 €Sale Price


    EFDA - European Fastener Distributor Association (Europe / Berlin) Website

    ADEFI – Asociación de Distribuidores Españoles de Fijaciones (SpainPDF

    BIAFD – British & Irish Association of Fastener Distributors (UK and IrelandWebsite

    FDS – Fachverband des Schrauben-Großhandels (GermanyWebsite

    NEVIB – Nederlandse Vereniging van Importeurs van Bevestigingsmaterialen en Aanverwante Industriële Producten (NetherlandsWebsite

    PRISMEFIX – Association des Distributeurs Français Spécialistes en Eléments de Fixations (FranceWebsite

    UDIB – Unione Distributori Italiani Bulloneria (ItalyWebsite

    and many more...

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